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Happy International Coffee Day!

Last year on October 1st the world of coffee lovers united for the first annual International Coffee Day to celebrate on of the most beloved beverages in the world - Yep. You got it, coffee.

It is also a holiday that helps raise awareness about sustainable coffee cultivation and fair trade practices within the coffee industry. Up until this past year, the holiday was celebrated on different days in different countries. Being an international coffee roaster - we are a coffee roasting company located in Mexico, owned by a Canadian, with a mix of cultures helping behind the scenes - we love diversity. Diversity in the flavors in our beans, our style of coffee, and the people who share our love for Baja Beans coffee. We want a little of everything in the mix!

So how do you celebrate International Coffee Day you ask? Well, for starters, stand up right now and go make a cup of coffee. Good, let's continue. Now for the the rest of the day, maybe plan a date with friends to your favorite cafe, or try a new spot you've always wanted to go to. Lots of coffee shops offer special Int'l Coffee Day discounts and deals, so it's a great way to try something new and support your local coffee companies. 


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Thank you for the continual support, and happy sipping.

The Baja Beans Team

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